In Situ Particle Viewer

Sub-mersible video Microscopes


Perdix Analytical Systems is a manufacturer of in-situ video probes for particle measurements. Our state-of-the-art probes range over application from small volumes until process size volumes. Due to transmission mode illumination and telecentric optics, these probes provide you the best possible image quality.

These instruments use camera technology and image analysis for on-line:
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Particle size distribution
Particle shape distribution shape definition

Find out more about: Unique points, applications and the broad range of supported volumes.

The unique points of our imaging probe technology:
  • Covering a broad range of volumes, starting from 1ml up to tens of cubic metres
  • Choice in magnification and camera resolution
  • Unprecedented image quality, enabling automatic particle sizing in images
  • Size and several shape distributions
  • A software suite including advanced image analysis, trend analysis and OPC connectivity

Have a look at our Product pages, or go the Gallery to get impression of magnificent images made in-situ!

Monitoring of Crystallization Monitoring of polymerization
  • Nucleation detection
  • Size ditribution
  • Shape distribution / polymorphism
  • Crystal growing rate
  • Anomalies
  • Growth of polymers
  • Size ditribution
  • Coalescence
  • Phase separation
  • Anomalies