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Perdix joins the EU "InSight" project March 12th, 2011

Perdix has become member of the EU project "InSight". This project aims on the development of on-line measurement of nano-particles based on various principles. Perdix contribtion to the project is to push the optical resolution of its probe technology beyond the 1 micron barrier. For more information on "InSight" please visit the project's website: fp7-insight.com/

Coming soon: 19mm Standard Probes / OPC connectivity January 5th, 2011

Around the summer of this year, Perdix will introduce a 19mm diameter standard probe with 2.5 micron optical resolution. This probe will fill the demand for probes that fit in standard reactors with 19mm holes.

Introduction of longer ISPV Standard Probe October 16th, 2009

For use in larger pilot reactors, Perdix has introduced a longer version of the standard probes. The wet part of these probes is extended from 270mm to 1060mm. These probes have a diameter of 25mm and an optical resolution of 10 micron

Development of in-line probe for DSTI project: "Control of Pharma batch crystallization" May 19th, 2010

The board of the DSTI project "Control of Pharma batch crystallization" has selected Perdix for developing in-line imaging flow-cells for measuring particle size and shape. This project aims to develop and demonstrate a model predictive control system for batch crysallization. It is based on skid with measurement equipment for measuring key parameters of the process and a model predictive controller for steering the cooling and mixing profile of the process. Two ISPV flow-cells with different optical magnifications will be used to measure real-time the particle size distribution and shape parameters of the crystals for determining the morphology of the crystals.

DSTI Techno-project was succesfully finished February 25th, 2010

Perdix has started a validation project under the hood of DSTI, the Dutch Separation Institute. The aim of the project was to validate if it is possible not only to view a commercial batch crystallization process, but also to measure the particle size distribution during the crystallization. The validation was carried out in a pharmaceutical lactose batch cooling crystallization and a large ISPV probe (ISPV-N-XL). The final conclusions of the validation:

  • For low concentrations (less 5%) the turbidity signal and the PSD seem to be accurate
  • The images made with the probe are valuable for understanding the crystallization process
  • No encrustration occurred during the crystallization

Avantium Crystalline now available February 10th, 2009

Avantium has proudly released the Crystalline instrument. This instrument is designed for high-throughput research on crystallization processes. It features 4 reactors that can be operated simultaneously . Next to a turbidity measurement, an optional imaging unit and/or a Raman spectrocopy unit can be connected to the Crsytalline. The imaging unit and the image analysis software are designed/licensed by Perdix based on its proprietary ISPV technology